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March 2007

links for 2007-03-15

BBC NEWS | Technology | Privacy bodies back Google step Google agree to anonymise server logs after 18-24 months. (tags: google server logs data privacy anonymous)

Google Anonymous

Google have agreed to start anonymising server logs after a 18-24 month period. This data that was previously kept for indefinite periods and was used to ‘personalise’ services offered to end users was a source of contention for privacy bodies. The new decision by Google has been welcomed and is seen to strike a balance… Read More »Google Anonymous

links for 2007-03-14

SanDisk intros internal Flash drive for laptops | Reg Hardware New flash drives for laptops – getting there but not just yet… (tags: laptop solid state hard drive disk sandisk flash storage)

Flash Hard Disk

SanDisk have just launched their new 32GB solid-state, flash drive for laptops. I really like the idea of no more spinning hard disks but at twice the price and one fifth the storage capacity of a typical good spec hard disk, I’d be willing to put up with the noise for a little longer. source:… Read More »Flash Hard Disk

links for 2007-03-13

Open Source Templates | Free CSS and XHTML Website Templates Really classy site offering easy to use website templates free of charge. They look very smart indeed and just what my site needed. (tags: website web templates template css design style free html)

Viacom to sue Google

Viacom are set to sue Google/YouTube for US$ 1 billion for alleged, wrongful usage of their video content. That’s a pretty big suit that if upheld could be a big problem for the free world of video sharing. source: BBC NEWS | Business

FeedBurner Goodies

My FeedBurner goodies that I won in Paul‘s competition recently, just arrived! I am now the envy of all others. 🙂 Thanks Paul!

US Daylight Saving

A lot has been said recently regarding the daylight saving move made by the US. Basically if you haven’t heard then this weekend, 3 weeks earlier than normal, the US rolled the clocks forward. The bid is predicted to save in the region of US $45 billion over the next few years. Not everyone is… Read More »US Daylight Saving

links for 2007-03-11 FileZilla FileZilla 3 (currently in Beta) runs on a Mac. Oh sweet joy! Peace and harmony have been restored. (tags: FileZilla mac ftp client beta) Requirements To Be A Dot Com Mogul « John Chow dot Com Ever wondered how close you were to becoming a Dot Com Mogul? Here’s a list of criteria… Read More »links for 2007-03-11

Who is John Chow?

Some time ago now I started making references in my posts to a character by the name of John Chow. Some of you will have followed the links and perhaps even trawled my OPML to find out who the man is that goes by the name of John Chow; now I’m going to tell you.… Read More »Who is John Chow?