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March 2007

Competition Time!

Win an iPod Shuffle if you are funny enough – thanks to Frank over at BifSniff. Once again the humourous and creative crew have come up with a wickedly funny caption competition. Leave your comment and see what happens. source: BifSniff

Time to unwind

I’ve decided to take a little break from work for the next two weeks and to try and stay away from my computers as much as I can. Not going anywhere, just trying to relax. So, expect fewer postings within this period. That got me thinking, fewer postings, dear God no! What to do, what… Read More »Time to unwind

Cover Blown!

It appears that my cover has been blown by “Super-sleuth Mulley”, even Jessica Fletcher has failed where he has succeeded. Not only has he discovered my F1 past (thankfully he didn’t mention anything about me being The Stig – ah crap! there I go) but he has also stumbled on my classified research ambitions. Seriously… Read More »Cover Blown!

Dying for an upgrade?

Imagine waking up in your first class seat aboard a 747 on a long haul flight to find the airborne version of a “legitimate businessmen” situation happening beside you. Well that’s what happened to Paul Trider when he woke up on a flight from Delhi to London, to find the flight crew manoeuvering a body… Read More »Dying for an upgrade?

The Day Before Tomorrow

The Day Before Tomorrow Originally uploaded by jbwan. Upon waking up this morning, the garden was covered with snow, my wheelie bins were strewn across the yard and my fence was blown down. We need a better term than “global warming”!

Technorati – I did it!

Some time ago I set out to achieve something in the blogosphere: To improve my level of visibility in the world and to measure that using Technorati. I have been doing a number of things to help with this, some of which I will divulge others are trade secrets. 🙂 When I started my journey… Read More »Technorati – I did it!

links for 2007-03-16

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How to run Vista legally without activation … for at least a year Delay activating Windows Vista for up to one year (tags: windows vista activation delay postpone registry)

Vista and no web connection?

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No longer a problem! That pesky activation process can now be delayed for up to a year. Or such is the claim of Windows expert Brian Livingston. Seemingly a simple change to the Windows registry can postpone the activation for up to a year and research is being done to discover if it is possible… Read More »Vista and no web connection?

IPv6 – How I got there…

For the past number of months my life has centred on the development of a SIP-based instant messaging client (extensible for other protocols but focussed on SIP). Naturally, the aim of writing any SIP client these days is with a goal to achieving IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) compliance, whose backbone is SIP.

The development is Java-based for a number of reasons that I won’t enter into. It’s not the only choice but it made sense in this situation. The availability of Java SIP stacks is however far less than satisfactory and made the task far more arduous than one would have thought. In the end a decision was made to roll with the apparent leader and seeder of the JSR180 reference implementation, the NIST Jain SIP libraries. No doubt though the development was exciting and we managed to send the client to trade shows at 3GSM, CTIA, Globalcomm and Fall VON – no mean feat!

Read on if you are interested in the route to success…

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