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March 2007

Feedburner stats up 7300 percent

After noticing yesterday that my blog was attracting a lot of attention from the lunar eclipse searches I just had a look at FeedBurner’s stats for the day. Not often you see an increase of 7300% on a search term hitting your blog. 🙂

Bye bye moon

It faded away so fast that I’m sure I missed loads of good photos. There are some more on my Flickr account if you’re interested.

Spring Cleaning

With Spring being in the air and all that I decided to give my blog a bit of a dust and a new set of styles. Gone is the slightly dull, green and olive look that I had and in is a new vibrant and clean style. I’ve also changed a couple of the sidebar… Read More »Spring Cleaning

There must be a full moon

Just noticed an abnormal amount of traffic heading by my blog this morning, that is more than the usual one or two. 🙂 Turns out that the traffic is as a result of my post on the lunar eclipse that is happening tonight. I’m currently in the top 5 results from Google and in the… Read More »There must be a full moon

WordPress 2.1.1 compromised

This seems to be the news shaking the blogosphere this morning just before the IBAs. Apparently some unscrupulous individual managed to gain access to one of WordPress’ servers and ‘tweak’ the download for version 2.1.1 of WordPress’ software to suit their own needs. The added code would open up the possibility of a remote PHP… Read More »WordPress 2.1.1 compromised

links for 2007-03-02

Joost Web-based TV over a torrent type protocol. I didn’t enjoy my first experience with it but I’ll keep and eye on it perhaps to see how it develops. (tags: web tv joost torrent protocol video internet web2.0 television) — Introduction to IPv6 Nice intro to ipv6 – why, how, and when. (tags: ipv6… Read More »links for 2007-03-02

Google Pagerank?

In recent times you may have noticed that I have become obsessed with statistics and rankings with respect to my blog. Just last night is was rummaging through some e-mail when something caught my eye. I was using Gmail and there in the PageRank plugin for Firefox was a score of 7/10 for my Gmail… Read More »Google Pagerank?

First touch of Joost

Just got myself a Joost invite yesterday and decided to try it out. I’ve heard good and I’ve heard bad things about it. However, I went in with an open mind. Within 5 minutes of downloading the application the dancing crystals started to drive me mad but that’s just one of these things so I… Read More »First touch of Joost

Even up

As I have tipped the hat in previous years to this day, “Work/Life Balance Day”, I do so again this morning. Albeit a made up holiday by the government that will largely go ignored, it does highlight an important issue that nobody is really paying any attention to. I don’t think that greeting cards are… Read More »Even up

Junior ASBOs

It’s official, the government have set in motion ASBOs for young people as of today. I have to admit that when the idea of ASBOs first became a pop-culture talking point, I was was very uncertain about the effect that it would have on the social structure. The whole branded for life thing was a… Read More »Junior ASBOs