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March 2007

Obi-Wan’s Cloak Sold

Obi-Wan’s cloak from Star Wars (that is the one Alec Guinness wore) has been sold at auction for GBP 54,000. Nice to have but a bit rich for me to bid 🙁 source: BBC NEWS | Entertainment

Black is white

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Yet again our stiff upper lipped minister for justice denies the undeniable. With all the furore in recent days about the accidental deletion of a law last year that opened up a loophole in the system for sexual predators to prey on children, McDowell still stands defiant as if nothing ever happened. What kind of… Read More »Black is white

links for 2007-03-06

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Pipes: Rewire the web Pipes from Yahoo! Not bad, seems initially limited but maybe that’s just my imagination. Worth having a look at though if you’re into that sort of thing. (tags: yahoo pipes technology rss rewire pipe widget feeds) Slashdot | Microsoft Wanted To Drop Mac Office To Hurt Apple Using Mac as a… Read More »links for 2007-03-06

Physics – rewritten

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Now I don’t know how credible this is but it certainly caught my attention. Scientists in New Jersey claim to have broken the speed of light with a pulse so fast that: It raced so fast the pulse exited a specially-prepared chamber before it even finished entering it. First Steorn invent perpetual motion and free… Read More »Physics – rewritten

Apple Testing Office?

Interesting little snippet from Slashdot asking whether or not Microsoft used Mac to test new features within Office before they appeared in the Windows’ version of the software – ironing out bugs if you will. The article also mentions that Microsoft may have considered dropping Office Mac to hurt Apple and cause an instant ripple… Read More »Apple Testing Office?

Put that in your pipe!

Lots of people have been going on about Yahoo! Pipes since it emerged some time ago. I personally have been waiting for it all to die down before going on over to my new Flickr account (aka Yahoo! account) to have a look. I only spent a little while browsing around the available options and… Read More »Put that in your pipe!

links for 2007-03-05

Wire Management, Label Printers, Heat Shrink Tubing, Tool Boxes & Wire Loom, cord covers, raceways and conduit Just what everyone needs to organise those annoying cables that pervade our daily lives (tags: cable organiser organisation tidy wires) BBC NEWS | Technology | Windows fails second virus test With 82.4% of a detection rate, OneCare was… Read More »links for 2007-03-05

Microsoft OneCare

After all the recent controversy regarding Windows Vista and security issues found within no time of release this is yet another hit that Microsoft won’t want to take. Their OneCare Security software was the only one of 17 tested by AV Comparatives organisation that failed it’s test to detect security breaching viruses. Seemingly it only… Read More »Microsoft OneCare

School Exercise

It has emerged in a recent report that Irish schools are almost bottom of the rankings in terms of providing physical education (PE) to their students. I can’t say that I’m surprised. When I was a kid, growing up, the teachers used to stop us doing PE as punishment for misbehaving as opposed to punishing… Read More »School Exercise

links for 2007-03-04 – Home of the Irish Awards Home of the Irish Blog Awards, I know I’ll make it someday 🙂 (tags: blog awards irish home) Pageflakes – The whole Web at your Fingertips! It’s alright. Not sure that I’d personally use it above other tools but not bad all the same. (tags: pageflakes rss web… Read More »links for 2007-03-04