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April 2007

Amazon go Universal with MP3

Amazon and Universal follow Apple and EMIs lead on the retail of DRM free MP3s. And so the ball starts to roll down the hill… Soon we’ll be back on the level and happy again without life controlling DRM technology. This move is only applying to the classical music division but surely will be a… Read More »Amazon go Universal with MP3

Take that Superman!

Scientists have identified a strange compound found in a Siberian mine as being identical to the description of kryptonite in the Superman stories. Same description that is in terms of composition rather than appearance. So finally a defence weapon in case Superman ever turns his back on Earth! source: Slashdot

An Apple a day…

Last night at approximately 21:18 I finally gave in to temptation and clicked the little button that said purchase. Yes, continuing my love of Apple products I have fallen before the grace of the 24″ iMac and decided that my life would be meaningless without it. I really would have liked to max out all… Read More »An Apple a day…

Happy Birthday Spectrum

Today marks the 25th birthday of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Containing a monster 48K of RAM and providing beautifully crafted rubber keys, this computer was the envy of every Beach-Head player. About 1990 I got my first Spectrum, a 128 with the tape drive built-in rather than the separates system offered by Commodore. To be… Read More »Happy Birthday Spectrum

Stamping it out

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The electioneering is in full swing these days and party politics is long forgotten as a horse that won the 1992 Grand National. Stamp duty appears to be the biggest item on the agendas of most parties with the notable exception of Fianna Fail whose finance minister has knocked the idea several times at this… Read More »Stamping it out

Mactive Desktop

Okay, we’ve all heard the term active desktop for many years. Ever since IE4 came onto the scene as far as I recall. You know, it’s the background wallpaper that’s interactive in some way whether it’s a webpage or some other object. Well rumour has it that Apple are currently developing something similar for OSX.… Read More »Mactive Desktop

Money well spent?

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For once I’m kind of lost for words here. Seemingly the so-called “operation anvil” (the crack down on gun crime) led to big increases in the Garda overtime bill in 2006. Okay, fair enough but then I learn that the figure is over EUR 102 million for just overtime and I recall more shootings and… Read More »Money well spent?

Searchin or sellin?

For me, a comment against one of my photos in Flickr is like an applause from the biggest audience. I regard myself as the most amateur of photographers but I’ll persevere. For others, some whom I know, the quality of their work is set for a bigger stage. Until now a comment or a request… Read More »Searchin or sellin?