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April 2007

links for 2007-04-18

YouTube – Mac Spoof: Portability Funny spoof of a Mac ad on portability. The introduction of a Linux character is funny enough despite not being a hardware platform… (tags: mac windows osx linux pc spoof funny humour advert ad)

Another Google Application

Just picked this up from the Google Blog: It looks like the online office applications suite that Google has started to build with Documents and Spreadsheets is set to be enhanced this Summer with the addition of Presentations. No doubt compliance with Microsoft PowerPoint will be an absolute necessity. I’m looking forward to checking out… Read More »Another Google Application

links for 2007-04-17

Find Ip Address Handy, free online utility for determining the geographical location of IP addresses (tags: ip address geographical location finder lookup)

links for 2007-04-16

YouTube – Billy Connolly ~ The Cardinal’s school visit A classic Billy story (tags: billy connelly cardinal school visit comedy stand-up) TrustedReviews – Panasonic TH-103PF9 103in Plasma TV Big screen TV just got a whole lot bigger – the 103 inch plasma screen from Panasonic (tags: panasonic tv screen plasma big flat panel)

Spare GBP 50K?

If you’ve got a spare GBP 50K lying around and you have a reinforced floor in your living room then you might want to splash out on the 103 inch Panasonic plasma TV. Weighing in at a mere 220kg or 350kg if you use the stand this monster flat screen certainly won’t be wall-mounted and… Read More »Spare GBP 50K?

Small Crime, Huge Problem

Today marks the start of a series of articles in the Irish Times by Ronan McGreevy, focussing on the problem of “environmental vandalism” within this country. The series of articles will touch everything from fly-tipping to graffiti and other small crimes. I suggest that anyone who still thinks that we live in an idyllic island… Read More »Small Crime, Huge Problem

Trademark My Words

This morning’s Dilbert cartoon made me think. Regular readers of my blog will know that Dilbert cartoons quite frequently make me think but I swear that I have other muses. 🙂 The topic of debate is registered trademarks and how difficult it is to acquire one these days. Everyone knows that pretty much every three-letter… Read More »Trademark My Words

Dusky Downfall

Dusky Downfall Originally uploaded by jbwan. I tried to capture what was a fabulously sharp sun, setting behind light cloud. I fear I didn’t do it full justice.