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Play the man not the ball

Via Damien Mulley: Two members of Young Fine Gael were spotted impersonating Gerry Adams and Mary Lou McDonald outside Leinster House. Trying to create a satire and using completely inappropriate, inaccurate and irrelevant references to convince people as to the reasoning behind Sinn Féin’s stance on the Lisbon Treaty.  Wow! Totally wow! I hope that… Read More »Play the man not the ball

D4 on alert

Appearing in today’s Times’ letters page: “Madam, – My home has so far received the emergency planning booklet four times. Is the Government trying to tell Ballsbridge residents something? – Yours, etc,” Well, yes, I guess that the government is trying to tell us all something. While some people in the country get feck all… Read More »D4 on alert

“Ring those f**kers!”

Those were the words of our newly appointed leader Brian Cowen, only a couple of days ago when he didn’t realise that his microphone was still switched on in the Dail after leader’s questions. To what or whom he was referring we may never really know but there are plenty of interpretations out there. What… Read More »“Ring those f**kers!”

Fruits of our New Labour?

A couple of years ago I was talking to some friends about the political climate. In terms of party politics, the PDs had been decimated, Fianna Fáil had seized the country’s minds through no fault of their own but rather a global boom period of 10 years, Fine Gael were suffering because of the digs… Read More »Fruits of our New Labour?

And Bertie Wept…

Yesterday, I and a number of other volunteers for the University for the South East campaign finished our 120 mile run from Waterford to Dublin where we staged a rally outside Leinster House and handed a letter of support for the university over to the Dáil. Thanks to all the national press people who were… Read More »And Bertie Wept…

Getting published

Recently I sent four staggered e-mails and most recently (last week) I sent a written letter by regular post to the Irish Times on the issue of a university for the South East. For some reason, none of my requests to be published in the “Letters to the Editor” section fell on the right desk.… Read More »Getting published