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Play the man not the ball

Via Damien Mulley: Two members of Young Fine Gael were spotted impersonating Gerry Adams and Mary Lou McDonald outside Leinster House. Trying to create a satire and using completely inappropriate, inaccurate and irrelevant references to convince people as to the reasoning behind Sinn Féin’s stance on the Lisbon Treaty. 

Wow! Totally wow! I hope that YFG are very proud of themselves for this. No longer are they just attacking the people with questions about why they should vote yes, they have now gone and turned a completely non-party issue into a major anti-party stunt. Such behaviour belongs in the world of professional satire not within the bounds of independent political decision making. I thought that Fianna Fáil’s ignorant and dogmatic attitude on this was bad but this stunt is simply immature and groundless, and exactly the type of activity that is losing more and more support for the yes vote but more worrying is that it is further clouding any possible comprehension of the treaty by those who still don’t know the factual meaning of it. There’s so much playing of the man in this game that I don’t think that there’s even a ball on the pitch!

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