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A Screw Luas?

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Q. What goes no, no, no, no, no, no, no, yes? A. Minister Seamus Brennan being questioned about whether the Luas project was actually wrong in it’s approach to solving the problems of inner-city transport. I heard this on the news earlier this morning on the way to work and seemingly it comes from an… Read More »A Screw Luas?

Things That Make Me Sick

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Last night I sat down to watch the 9 o’clock news and within 30 minutes I was sickened by quite a number of things. Firstly, good old Hairy Marney (aka Mary Harney) showing up to the announcement of new jobs in Cork, I ask where was she when 3-com announced losses? Surely her support was… Read More »Things That Make Me Sick

2 Years On

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Just picked this article refernce up off Rob’s Rants. It’s a great piece by Robert Fisk on the 2 years since September 11th, 2001. The world has been mislead into using their sympathy and loss against those whom had nothing to do with it. A cunningly contrived battle plan that gathered the trust of mislead… Read More »2 Years On

The Darkness Falls

As I read through the papers over lunch today, I was greeted by yet more bad news on the job front; lay-offs in Volex, potential job losses in Waterford Crystal, expected 1,000’s to face job axe in the next year. This has been building up for some time now and surely the world cannot be… Read More »The Darkness Falls

Car Insurance – The National Leveller

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Well I guess it was inevitable but the rollover of yesterday into today saw my car taken off the road due to the unjustified cost of insurance in this country. You’d think that with a couple of years claim/accident free driving with a full licence that it would make some difference towards reaching a realistic figure for my premium. Alas, no! This is the country we live in; an unregulated farce in which commercial entities have free reign over legally enforced items such as car insurance.

Insurance costs have only risen since the introduction of the MIAB report. The points system is praised for its effect yet no insurance benefits have been seen. Since the equal status bill of 2000 was passed more and more insurance companies are blatantly discriminating against gender and age. I cannot name these companies for legal reasons but it doesn’t take long to compile this evidence from web-based quotes. Give it a try enter your details as a female and then the same details except as a male. Some companies won’t even quote you, others will have roughly Eur 1000 in the difference. Then mess around with the age issue for a bit of rage inspiring fun.

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