Cost of redecorating

Imagine you were doing up your living room, or maybe your kitchen. Yes, let’s say your kitchen, and you want a new granite worktop, new presses, new tiles, new appliances and sure why not make a snap decision to get yourself a handcrafted table and chairs! Right, your budget, granite worktops don’t come cheap but… Read More »Cost of redecorating

Play the man not the ball

Via Damien Mulley: Two members of Young Fine Gael were spotted impersonating Gerry Adams and Mary Lou McDonald outside Leinster House. Trying to create a satire and using completely inappropriate, inaccurate and irrelevant references to convince people as to the reasoning behind Sinn Féin’s stance on the Lisbon Treaty.  Wow! Totally wow! I hope that… Read More »Play the man not the ball

D4 on alert

Appearing in today’s Times’ letters page: “Madam, – My home has so far received the emergency planning booklet four times. Is the Government trying to tell Ballsbridge residents something? – Yours, etc,” Well, yes, I guess that the government is trying to tell us all something. While some people in the country get feck all… Read More »D4 on alert


Read this on the Reg. It’s a 3-D printer made by some clever clogs in Bath. Claimed to be the first machine of its kind because it can print a copy of itself – like how cool is that! Although it would somewhat hamper future sales of the device. Basically the device sprays moulds molten plastic… Read More »RepRap

What’s got 4 feet and no body?

The Canadian police! Well, it’s a mystery that the Canadian police are trying to figure out.  Reading my gmail one of their news snippets along the top caught my eye. Seemingly over the past 10 months in Canada 4 severed human feet have washed up on different islands in the one area. Truly bizarre is… Read More »What’s got 4 feet and no body?

“Ring those f**kers!”

Those were the words of our newly appointed leader Brian Cowen, only a couple of days ago when he didn’t realise that his microphone was still switched on in the Dail after leader’s questions. To what or whom he was referring we may never really know but there are plenty of interpretations out there. What… Read More »“Ring those f**kers!”