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February 2007

The Dating Circuit

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Possibly of humourous interest to many around the time of Valentine’s Day. If you’re having problems with your dating life then maybe, just maybe, basic electronics holds the answer… source: Boing Boing

Better Linked

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Another good tip from John Chow dot com: When creating your webpage links on your site/blog always remember to fill out the meta data associated with your links (such as the title attribute). It’s better for search engines to help rate your site and use your site as a top result. Best information = top… Read More »Better Linked

Shut the F**k up McDowell!

I’ve all but had it with this country’s minister for justice: on the news today I hear him pompously attacking Pat Rabbitte for his party’s policy on reducing the lower tax band, describing Rabbitte as hypocritical and it being a very sad moment for him. Big words indeed from a minister for justice that somehow… Read More »Shut the F**k up McDowell!


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IFTA as in IFTA was something else on, nobody would watch them. Sadly as I lay here still recovering from a long illness, obviously still too sick to reach the remote, I reluctantly admit, nay confess, to watching the IFTA show on RTE. Having just seen the ceremony all the way through I can without… Read More »The IFTAs

As usual, Dilbert has the view…

Without doubt, the summary of anyone working outside of R&D in the computing world coupled with the sad reality of it all… Dilbert 03-02-2007

CAO let students down again

The news has broken over night with respect to the disastrous online system provided by the CAO for leaving certificate students filling out their college choices. Seemingly the website has been frequently inaccessible causing much distress to students who are already on nerves end with their approaching exams and confusion as to whether or not… Read More »CAO let students down again