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February 2007

DRM in a nutshell

Interesting summation of what DRM actually means as opposed to the techie description of what it actually is. Handy if you should ever find yourself at a party and in dire need of plain English to describe the problem to people who may just not be interested. 🙂 source: WIRED Blogs: Listening Post

Gmail your life

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If like me you think that Gmail is most definitely the greatest web-based e-mail system you have ever used and even though your better judgement warns you against ticking the Google search boxes that allow searching of your e-mail through Google Desktop, you know you just want to anyway. Here’s a link to somebody else… Read More »Gmail your life

Outsourcing the Tawe

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More problems with outsourcing – this time from my birthplace of Swansea in South Wales. Apparently the cit council has outsourced its IT and councillors are only complaining ever since. I have to say that I share many of these views on outsourcing and it’s about time that people realise that trying to save a… Read More »Outsourcing the Tawe

What a match!

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That has to have been the greatest game of rugby that I have ever seen. Scoreline aside, the way in which the Irish team played together and, in no lesser a term, annihilated the English side was simply breathtaking. The second last try from Shane Horgan and Ronan O’Gara was definitely inspired by the GAA… Read More »What a match!

Am I a link whore?

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I’ve been blogging now since about January 2002, sadly my Greymatter archives for all bar March 2002 were lost between site updates. Technically speaking if you count my misadventures with procmail recipes and perl scripts then I’ve been “blogging” since early 2001. Up until recently I wrote stuff mostly for my own amusement, to keep… Read More »Am I a link whore?

links for 2007-02-23

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Visual Studio Express Free cut-down Microsoft tools known as the express versions. Great resource for developers wanting to experiment with .net (tags: .net microsoft express developer development tools compiler ide programming free) Simplex Method Tool Useful site for anyone working with simplex method questions. Easy enough to use and helpful when you’re not sure of… Read More »links for 2007-02-23

Welcome back Karlin

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This morning I opened my RSS reader much like any other day. Then trawling through the day’s updates I spotted this post from Bernie. Our techie ambassador from the Irish Times, Karlin Lillington, has returned after a very long absense from the blogosphere (March 6th 2006 according to my RSS reader). Looking forward to new… Read More »Welcome back Karlin wins .eu case

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I note that has won its case to claim the domain after a long and, I’m sure, costly battle. Fair play to them for pursuing it and winning out and also to our local domain guru jmcc whom I believe helped them out in the case. However, I hope that the irony of… Read More » wins .eu case

links for 2007-02-22

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Monte Carlo method – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Quick into to the Monte Carlo method – just dawned on me this morning that I had forgotten the details of it. Nicely refreshed now… (tags: monte carlo method mathematics math uncertainty nondeterministic random number)

Lunar Eclipse

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It appears that us lucky folk in Ireland will be able to appreciate a total lunar eclipse on March 3rd. Can’t wait! source: NASA