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Financial Mis-services Ireland

Ah, it’s been a while since I had a rant about insurance… A recent equality survey with respect to financial institutions (insurance and banking) publised by the CSO was rejected yesterday by the so-called Financial Services Ireland body (part of IBEC). It was said that the figure should not be used to present a “wholly… Read More »Financial Mis-services Ireland

Opensource Beer Anyone?

Students in a Danish university have released a free recipe for making beer. It goes under the name of “Vores Oel” and the idea behind it is much like the opensource software world. People are free to make changes and update the recipe as long as they release the updated recipe again for free. Novel… Read More »Opensource Beer Anyone?

Time Flies

It’s two years to the day that I proposed to Siân and only a few months away from our first anniversary. Isn’t it funny how time flies? It’s just a pity that the pace of life tries to constantly beat time – there’s no rehearsals folks, take things easy!

Historic Day

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News just breaking of the historic announcement by the IRA army council that it is to cease all activities and put weapons beyond use. The statement has been welcomed by all parties who are seeking progress. It is a major development in the Northern Ireland peace process and hopefully the beginning of a new era… Read More »Historic Day

Cash for Cameras

You would think in this day and age that the Irish government would be more concerned with improving road safety and lowering dead tolls than they would be with trying to generate revenue from those who violate road safety regulations? Sadly it would appear that this is not the case. This latest proposal to the… Read More »Cash for Cameras

0.5 Billion Reasons Why…

Apple’s iTunes store has just hit the 500,000,000 download mark (in only 19 countries). The ultimate answer to those in the music industry who said it would never work.

Scare Lingus

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It has been revealed that a document has been found within Aer Lingus that outlines tactics to gently “push” staff out of the company. Many ideas such as tacky uniforms, boring training programs, etc were mentioned in the document. Some would say these tactics were already in place for some time without effect. Regardless, the… Read More »Scare Lingus

The Creature from the Deep

Thanks to Rob for this story about a creature found washed up on a beach in Laytown. It looks like an eel but is black and red, has one eye, is about 1 metre in length, and has very strange looking teeth. I’m sure that the marine biologists will be flocking to Laytown to examine… Read More »The Creature from the Deep

Tall Ships have Arrived

The Tall Ships have arrived in Waterford for the start of the 3-day festival. Every road in the city is locked down for resident only access. Only in Ireland could we close roads for the arrival of ships! There are more Gardaí performing point duty than I ever knew existed in the city (certainly in… Read More »Tall Ships have Arrived

Hats Off to U2

Since the U2 gigs in Croke Park ended (sadly didn’t get to see them myself) the band have still been in the headlines of the papers. They are taking a case against an ex-stylist for unlawfully retaining some items of clothing including a hat and some trousers. I heard on the Ray Darcy show this… Read More »Hats Off to U2