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How do they make so much?

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Everyone knows at this stage that I am no fan of insurance companies – no secret there. It is sad however to only now see a report coming out about profits in the insurance industry accusing it of making excessive profits despite a drop in business. Car insurance is especially profitable for the industry and… Read More »How do they make so much?

Skype on eBay

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Looks like eBay are set to purchase Skype for a figure in the region of $2.6bn. Don’t know how reliable a source this is but it looks genuine. source: MSN Money

Something’s Burning on the Hobbs

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In recent times we have all heard about the TV show “Rip-off Republic” and the controversy that it has been causing in Ireland with respect to how people view the financial management of the country by the government. We also know that the government has been deeply upset by the program (strange to comprehend that… Read More »Something’s Burning on the Hobbs

Shop Local

Over the weekend I noticed that my beloved running shoes of 4 years had acquired a puncture and required replacing. As it happens I was down in Cork with Siân on Saturday looking around when the thought dawned on me; whatever happened to those shop local adverts that used to be around when I was… Read More »Shop Local

Luas-ening the Purse Strings

It would appear that only a relatively short time after the Luas has been in operation it is already set for major redevelopments of various stops along the line. Seemingly it is planned that the Stephen’s Green stop will get a new platform, shiny new telescreens and ticket machines. The phrases “money pit”, “hole in… Read More »Luas-ening the Purse Strings

Less of a Leaving

Article from today’s paper regarding the increase in students’ grades in the leaving certificate exams and the fear that exam correcting may be more lenient than in the past. The article makes contact with a would be expert in the area (never ceases to amaze me exactly how many experts we have in every area… Read More »Less of a Leaving

iPod your Baby

Just when you think you have the ultimate iPod accessory you see a guy walking down the street with his new born son on pause… Supposedly you can now buy a selection of baby clothes with the iPod clickwheel printed on the front. How far is too far? source: | CNET News

Greed is no longer Good

Looks like a shift has taken place in Silicon Valley; no longer are the dot com chastened investors looking for the quick buck. Instead they are turning towards investments that aim to do some good for the world rather than just make money. Now if only we could get the folk in Ireland to think… Read More »Greed is no longer Good

Waterford Occupants Compared to “Hitler and his henchmen”

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Thanks to Rob for pointing me in the direction of these articles – somteimes I must walk around with my eyes closed. It would appear that a quick-to-comment Kilkenny councillor has taken such offence to the proposed extension of Waterford’s boundary that she has resorted in painting the entire county with the line “Hitler and… Read More »Waterford Occupants Compared to “Hitler and his henchmen”

Taking its Toll

A new survey just released indicates that the state bodies involved in the control of the M50 are to secure Eur 936M over the next 15 years from the West-link bridge tolls. Personally I think that this is an obscene amount of money for a project that has already drained the tax payer’s pocket. source:… Read More »Taking its Toll