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Too Much Sodium is Bad for You

I remember back in my school days, in science class, the great fun that was had experimenting with unstable elements. Included in our fun was Lithium (Li), Sodium (Na), and Potassium (K) – expressed in order of instability. Sadly we were never allowed any Cesium (Cs). 🙂 Anyway, some guy out there in internet world… Read More »Too Much Sodium is Bad for You

For Whom the Bell ‘Tolls’

In recent days there has been much controversy over the increase in tolls on the West Link Toll Bridge in Dublin. To be fair to the general public this increase is in my opinion completely unjustified and outrageous. It has also transpired that the original contract between the government and NTR (the company who control… Read More »For Whom the Bell ‘Tolls’

Mini Mac

Apple have just released their latest piece of kit. The Mac Mini. With dimensions of 6.5 inches square by 2 inches deep who couldn’t have room for one of these on their desk. It looks incredibly sleek and compact and is pushing me closer and closer towards buying my first Mac (although I may still… Read More »Mini Mac

iTunes where i is for Ireland

It appears that the iTunes music store is now available in Ireland. Perhaps I’m behind with the news but I don’t recall any big announcement on this. I just browsed the store last night with my iTunes client and was greated with a little Irish flag and pricing in Euro (Eur 0.99 per song). So… Read More »iTunes where i is for Ireland

What’s the big IKEA?

The government paved the way yesterday (well, actually, paved sounds like work was done, really they just abolished a rule) for large superstores like Ikea that previously could not enter Ireland due to the size restrictions on stores. The restriction has only been lifted in certain areas obviously Dublin is one (what a surprise!) and… Read More »What’s the big IKEA?

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all!! May 2005 be the realisation of dreams and the normalisation of the ridiculous. Back at the helm today with my shiney new iPod (thank you Siân – what a wife). While I am incredibly pleased with the iPod (a wonderful piece of engineering (that has now rendered my music partition… Read More »Happy New Year!