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July 2003

The Darkness Falls

As I read through the papers over lunch today, I was greeted by yet more bad news on the job front; lay-offs in Volex, potential job losses in Waterford Crystal, expected 1,000’s to face job axe in the next year. This has been building up for some time now and surely the world cannot be… Read More »The Darkness Falls

When 404 is No. 1

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Congrats to Mr. Anthony Cox from England who succeeded in becomming one of the most visited sites around by simply displaying a contrived error message page. At first glance this 404 not found might seem like a harmless page not found error but on closer inspection it is a wonderful send up of the search… Read More »When 404 is No. 1


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Report on always on computer users, whose machines may be hijacked by a new trojan that acts as a proxy for distributing advertisements relating to adult sites. Most people should be protected from it with some general security measures. However, more enticing is the story that always-on broadband users are continually subject to attacks from… Read More »Hijacked!!

Camera Phones

It seems as though the worldwide momentum against the use of camera phones has started to build up. I for one have always disputed the need for a camera in a phone (unless used for video conferencing) but there’s also a more disturbing side to the argument against such devices. People have become so accustomed… Read More »Camera Phones

A picture is worth…

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Sometimes you see a joke picture and you just can’t help but smile…

End of the free?

Just read an article about the Guardian in England who are about to start charging for electronic newsletters. This seems to be the way all online sites are going now. No such thing as free news anymore which coupled with no free lunches means that both mind and body will soon go hungry. Hmm, maybe… Read More »End of the free?


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Looks like O2 have jumped on the blogging band wagon and are now offering a mobile phone bloggng service to customers. You can now post all your picture phone images via MMS to a blog for others to view. Interesting concept and I can’t wait to see the huge influx of quality onto the web… Read More »FoneBlog

WiFi in a wide open space

Just catching up on some feeds on the register and noticed this little article on the common practice of WiFi users sending everything they own over an unencrypted, unsecure connection. I suppose that this is a testament to the fact that either most people don’t know about securing their connections or they are just too… Read More »WiFi in a wide open space

Bloggers not libel

Sounds like good news for those who may be a little more vocal on their blogs. Seemingly they cannot be held responsible for content that they republish which may or may not be libelling to some person. source: Wired News

The Art of Noise?

Every now and then I stumble across something that grabs my attention purely for its ludricous nature. Today whilst reading CNN I found this article about dB (decibel) drag racers and one guy in particular who literally has a van full of amplifiers and sub-woofers. Some mentalities never fail to amuse me. source: