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Paradise Originally uploaded by jbwan. Paradise indeed but it’s also only 45 mins drive and about 30 mins walk to get there from Waterford City. I love capturing sights like this in my home county – you don’t need to go far to see the wonderful world around you!

Bee Safe, Bee Seen

Bee Safe, Bee Seen Originally uploaded by jbwan. Constant rain, a garden full of flowers and insects, I’m as busy as the guy in the picture buzzing in and out of the house, trying to grab a few shots.

Recreating last Summer

Recreating last Summer Originally uploaded by jbwan. Shot a photo almost identical to this one last year but the poor lily flower was covered in small flies. This year however, Rose Nymphe is shown in true splendour having opened for the first time on Sunday morning.

Damselfly III

Damselfly III Originally uploaded by jbwan. Wandering around my garden again with a tripod and a zoom lens, what must the neighbours think? 🙂

Searchin or sellin?

For me, a comment against one of my photos in Flickr is like an applause from the biggest audience. I regard myself as the most amateur of photographers but I’ll persevere. For others, some whom I know, the quality of their work is set for a bigger stage. Until now a comment or a request… Read More »Searchin or sellin?

Dusky Downfall

Dusky Downfall Originally uploaded by jbwan. I tried to capture what was a fabulously sharp sun, setting behind light cloud. I fear I didn’t do it full justice.

The Day Before Tomorrow

The Day Before Tomorrow Originally uploaded by jbwan. Upon waking up this morning, the garden was covered with snow, my wheelie bins were strewn across the yard and my fence was blown down. We need a better term than “global warming”!

Bye bye moon

It faded away so fast that I’m sure I missed loads of good photos. There are some more on my Flickr account if you’re interested.