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About Me

Things I do… I haven’t worked out fully what I want to do with this section yet but I would like to turn it into a playground for my interests, where I can entice others to join communities, use technologies and advise others based on my experiences of services or whatever it may be. My review of everything…


I don’t consider myself to have much photographic ability other than the desire to point and click, failing that, to photoshop whatever I can into an interesting picture. I have a couple of digital cameras that I use to gather imagery from around whatever locality I happen to be in. Most of the time I’m using my Canon EOS 350D SLR with a selection of lenses. In addition, I sometimes need a camera that is more compact and easy to climb a mountain with. So, whether it’s the viewfinder of my Olympus 750uz or the resident evil of my Nokia 6233’s built-in camera, there’ll always be a shot or two in my life.

As well as taking photos I enjoy sharing them and getting feedback from others, doing what little I can to be part of the global photographing community. As such I maintain my own Flickr account where friends and family can view my content and complete strangers can offer their opinions and become contacts. If you’re interested in my photos then feel free to check out my Flickr site and add any comments you want. Here’s a small sample of what I capture…



Sport has always been a part of my life and hopefully always will be. Over the years I’ve played a number of different games including soccer, golf, cricket, and tennis. These days my range has somewhat narrowed, I tend to devote most of my free time towards running (even ran the Dublin marathon in 2007, 2010 & 2011 and currently run in the Waterford Road Runners Winter League) and the weekly, casual game of 5-a-side indoor football. So a couple of nights in the gym or on the road is where I try to stay somewhat in shape.


Education has always played a big role in my life. Having been through both my Bachelor and Masters degrees I still have the urge to continue further and someday pursue my PhD. When I’m not studying I’m teaching and have been teaching part-time in WIT since 2000. Naturally enough my lecturing focus is on science subjects, with a particular focus on computing and math.

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