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July 2007

Hook Head

Hook Head Originally uploaded by jbwan. A great structure – A Juliet tower to be exact, atypical of lighthouses across the globe. Hook head is a stronghold as well as a warning beacon.

Something I didn’t know

Before this weekend I had been to Hook Head lighthouse in Co. Wexford tonnes of times as a kid. Up until recently however (approx. 6 years), you were not permitted access to the building. Yesterday that changed for me and I took a guided tour of the lighthouse with a fantastic tour guide who was… Read More »Something I didn’t know


With tongue firmly in cheek, a piece of humour from the good folk at the Reg. Just why have Al-Qaeda been so quiet about the launch of the iPhone when everyone else is raving on about it? source: The Register

Flock It!

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Now that Steorn have gone and done a nice big bellyflop in the pool of science it’s time to examine another zero-point effect. Flock zero point 9 to be exact. Now Paul Watson installed it recently and he doesn’t appear to like it much. I have to say that I’ve been a big fan of… Read More »Flock It!

Free Energy but no video…

Steorn demo update: I’m sure that this will be rectified soon but I’m a little disappointed to say the least having clicked on the link to the video that I thought would open my eyes to Orbo. The result however was a rather underwhelming “Directory listing denied” error. Oh well…

Steorn Demo Today

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Thanks to Brian W for providing me with this link. Those magnificent men with their perpetual motion machines are out and about again. The Steorn crew, Ireland’s answer to an engery crisis that nobody cares about, are set to demo their groundbreaking “free energy” technology Orbo in London today and to be followed by a… Read More »Steorn Demo Today