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July 2004

Can Call?

Your favourite tumble down the sink now comes with a dog and bone. Cockney rhyming slang being the order of the day. Yes, special cans of the world’s favourite soft drink are being released with simplified mobile phone devices contained within. A bizarre competition launched by the drinks company where your drinks can calls back… Read More »Can Call?

Beam me up Scotty

Out of date news (not sure how I missed it). Last month researchers in the US and Austria made a breakthrough in the teleportation of atoms. Finally we have the hope of being able to wake 1 minute before work and still be there on time. Read on… source: BBC NEWS

On the LUAS

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Readers of my blog will know that I have never been a fan of Dublin’s decision to spend over Eur700M of “IRELAND’s” money on a tram system that won’t even connect it’s own lines. In recent days the LUAS system as it is known has become active for the public. So far we have had… Read More »On the LUAS