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A Really Big Food Fight

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Well I guess that somebody had to do it. It seems as though the Spanish have organised the largest food fight in history with residents and tourists to the small town of Bunol throwing spoiled fruit at each other. The event saw the streets of the town run red with tomato pulp. One can only… Read More »A Really Big Food Fight

Ur Dvorcd

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Seemingly it is now possible to divorce your spouse in Malaysia by SMS and no this is not a joke. Read the story… source:

Nanotechnology, pants!!

Just read this article entitled “Little robots in your pants” and only for it comes from a reliable source I would liken it to the AOL/Gateway call centre transcripts that are e-mailed around every now and then as jokes. As people become more technically savvy this kind of marketing (preying on the technically ignorant and… Read More »Nanotechnology, pants!!

When 404 is No. 1

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Congrats to Mr. Anthony Cox from England who succeeded in becomming one of the most visited sites around by simply displaying a contrived error message page. At first glance this 404 not found might seem like a harmless page not found error but on closer inspection it is a wonderful send up of the search… Read More »When 404 is No. 1

A picture is worth…

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Sometimes you see a joke picture and you just can’t help but smile…

For the ages…

Sometimes you just have to blog an article for the future. This is a witty letter from Terry Jones (ex Monty Python) about the current climate in the world and tensions leading towards war