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…Bo Burnham. I don’t normally see a youtube video and think to myself – yeah, they’ve got talent alright. However, I picked up a link to this guy initially from Damien Mulley’s Fluffy Links and maybe it’s just me but I think the kid has talent. He’s genuinely funny even if one shouldn’t laugh at… Read More »Introducing…

O’Mulder and O’Scully

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Yes, the truth is still out there; in Ireland! Just read in the Times this morning that a dossier that was kept by the Irish defence forces for 37 years has been released, including details of UFO sightings around the emerald isle. The most comical entry in the dossier must be a sighting reported by… Read More »O’Mulder and O’Scully

Aaargh Mateys

Ya scurvy dawgs! Get thee to the nearest tavern and be loaded to the gunnels with a fathom of ale, less ye be sleeping in Davey Jones’ locker. Yaarrrgh!! Such is my obligation every year, to remind everyone of International Talk Like a Pirate Day – have a good one!

Dealing with Death

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Via Damien Mulley, an inspired piece of animation from Ignacio Ferraras, humourously dealing with the fight against death. [youtube]

Recruitment Advert

A different take on the on-going adverts… [youtube]


In the news this week, a drop-off in the housing market and a drop-off in cider sales. Now I’m not saying that there’s a link between buoyant construction market and cider consumption but… 🙂

My Favourite Family Guy Irish Clip

I really can’t make up my mind whether it should be the clip of Irish history or the one where Peter finally meets his biological father. [youtube] [youtube]


With tongue firmly in cheek, a piece of humour from the good folk at the Reg. Just why have Al-Qaeda been so quiet about the launch of the iPhone when everyone else is raving on about it? source: The Register

Badda Ba Ba Ba

Badda Ba Ba Ba Originally uploaded by jbwan. Well everyone else is making parody posters for the election. Why not me? 🙂 Click the image above to enlarge.

Cows with guns

Hadn’t seen this in ages and accidentally stumbled across it today. High quality humour at its best.