Dilbert goes to Feedburner

I had wondered for the last few days where my daily dosage of Dilbert in my Google Reader had gone to. Today I see an update on the old feed to alert me to a new feed URL ( So I’m back in Dilbert land again. In addition to the new URL all the comic… Read More »Dilbert goes to Feedburner

Organised Spammers

I have posted on occasion when spammers have made me laugh and today is no exception to that pattern of my behaviour. We are all so used to getting spam in one form or other, be it suspect medications, lottery wins, traditional 419’ers or any other number of things. Today however, there was something new… Read More »Organised Spammers

Go Dustin!

Dustin is off to the Eurovision song contest to represent Ireland. This may very well be the single best moment in our Eurovision history; finally a bit of humour. I have to say that the booing from the audience when the result was announced was shameful. An entry is an entry, there are far more… Read More »Go Dustin!

Review of My T-Shock

My T-Shock ““it doesn’t tell the time but if it did tell the time then it wouldn’t have been the right time, and the time it told wasn’t what it meant to tell, and for that it was sorry that it told the right time even though it didn’t think that it told time”“  … Read More »Review of My T-Shock

Bertie’s Constitution

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Poor Bertie; he’s gone to the high court to challenge the constitutionality of the Mahon tribunal’s usage of his Dail statements. You’ve got to hand it to the man, he always makes it sound like he’s protecting the country even when he’s clearly got his own interests at heart. Of course he insists that he’s… Read More »Bertie’s Constitution

Vote Dustin

Enough about Bertie and his tax affairs and the seemingly, now, tax auditor, John Gormley. What this country really needs is a turkey at the Eurovision song contest. For the last few years Ireland’s entry to the contest just hasn’t cut it but now we have a real chance to pluck victory and stuff the… Read More »Vote Dustin

Technology is root of all evil

Tongue in cheek article from The Reg with “backing” from the IMF as to how technology is the cause of all inequality in society and how we must dismantle this war machine if we are ever to restore equitable living and harmony. 😉 source: The Register

Great xkcd episode

If you’re not a fan already and you enjoy nerd humour then xkcd is the place for you. This particularly funny episode identifies the dangers of naming your children with something that resembles an SQL injection statement. link: xkcd. Cheers Donal!