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PS3 Not Reading Discs?

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Almost a terrible start to the new year. My beloved PS3 that I use for Blu-ray much more than I use for games, stopped reading discs on me. I was playing a game of Street Fighter IV when it quit on me and hung the system forcing a reboot. After that it wouldn’t read a game disc nor a Blu-ray movie disc. Frantically searching for a solution, failing to believe it might be hardware, I came across numerous that ranged from hidden menus to bash it hard. In the end the solution that worked for me was so simple. Just start a downloaded game and exit it the way it should be exited. After that, hey presto, all was restored to normal. A bit worrying that an unpleasant game exit could cause the system to stop reading discs but there you go. At least the solution was painless. Hope this helps somebody else.

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