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Handover of Funds

With all the doom and gloom about, this post isn’t about handing over funds to the ECB, IMF or any other such organisation. Instead its a happy story of my recent cheque handover to the Irish Heart Foundation. A handover of all the money, very generously donated by you kind folks out there in internet land and those of whom I work with, and of course my family, in return for me running this year’s Dublin Marathon. A huge thank you to you all. In total I raised €1010, which was amazing considering the economic climate and is testimony to how generous people can still be for a good cause. Thanks again, one and all.

Irish Heart Foundation Cheque Handover

Left to right: Jonathan Brazil, Anne Brazil (Happy Hearts), Tracy Power (Irish Heart Foundation)

Here’s a copy of a letter from Tracy, thanking everyone for their contributions, on behalf of the Irish Heart Foundation.

Irish Heart Foundation Letter

Letter from Tracy on behalf of Irish Heart Foundation

And here’s a shot of me in pain for the last mile of the run itself. 🙂

Last Mile Dublin Marathon

Oh the pain of the last mile!

2 thoughts on “Handover of Funds”

  1. Anyone ever tell you you look like Conan O’Brein? Go TeamCoCo! Just a resemblance there in that photo of you running.

    Well done on the charity drive though JBwan, great that people are still willing to give and that others are willing to murder themselves over 26 miles.

    1. Hang on, I’ll do the desk dance and upload it to youtube for comparison. ;)As a regular contributor to my charity running madness, a big thank you to you too sir. I hope some day to repay the generosity while you torture yourself with some arduous task. 🙂

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