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Angry Birds to land on consoles

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Rovio, the developer behind the multi-million unit-selling mobile phone game, Angry Birds, says its working on versions for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

There are no release dates yet for any of the console versions, but they are likely to be offered as downloadable titles.

This is the latest announcement by Rovio about their intentions to adapt its multi-million selling game to other platforms and mediums.

An Angry Birds social media game for Facebook is scheduled for next year, Rovios’s chief executive Mikael Hed has spoke to Variety about the possibilities of turning the game into a film. A line of plush toys for the game is also planned for next year.

Since its launch last year in December, Angry Birds has proved massively popular. It’s still one of the app store’s best-selling apps, with more than seven million downloads of the paid version of the game and 13 million of the free one.

In the game players take on the role of the titular birds who are out for revenge against a group of pigs who have stolen their eggs.

The player fires the birds at the pigs who are hiding in makeshift forts, in order to destroy them.

– Nick Cowen


Yeehaw!! Great news for the creators but I personally think that the future of this game lies in handheld Android/iOS devices with HDMI out ports so that the game can be played as usual but on a big screen.

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