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Fianna Fail’s Ireland

I never considered emigration; until now. Not because of Ireland’s debt or related problems but because of the people who have put themselves in charge of this treehouse club, this joke of a country that is without a shred of democracy, this poodle of the EU and any other power that wants us to break a leg in their honour. This footage taken from yesterday’s student protests has shaken me, severely. Watch especially from 3min 30sec in.


Students from around the country were united in protest, in Dublin yesterday. Protesting against the notion that this country’s government would place their education in jeopardy by doubling fees that they simply cannot afford in this depression. A government that would rather deploy a vanity metro project to buff the appearance of the capital and serve no other purpose rather than investing in the future generation of workers in this country. If I do make it out of here I’m handing back my passport – I don’t want to be associated with this nation ever again as long as Fianna Fail and their ilk continue to seize power in our once fair land.

2 thoughts on “Fianna Fail’s Ireland”

  1. I’m with ya Jonathan.

    Funny how this footage didn’t make RTE news???

    Forget about the job situation in this country – I wonder what sort of place this is to raise a family? Do I hope that my son will grow up to become one of the “haves” and not one of the “have nots”?

    Tis a poor ambition to have for the next generation, but given the type of country Ireland is, what else could you reasonably wish for your child???

  2. Yeah, I was shocked to see the level of suppression with respect to this event. It will be interesting to follow the subsequent inquiry through the ombudsman and see if a full investigation will be called. Personally I don’t know how it could be avoided but in the same breath I would not be surprised to see it quashed like so many other legitimate cases in this state.

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