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Thoughts for the day…

Just a few of the things on my mind today:

1) People who walk into warzones with the ambition of refusing to let people fend for themselves and get into trouble, only to arrive home and brag about enjoying “Eggs Benedict” should never be received with open arms nor great applause for their false altruism and complete lack of a grasp on reality.

2) Mary Coughlan threatening the Irish consumers that shopping North of the border will cost jobs in the South. A few weeks back she and her cabinet were begging us to share everything with the EU now we can’t even drive a few miles North for massive cost savings without being held accountable for the way the country is run? Never mind the complete hypocrisy of the situation when the equivalent case is people in Waterford going on a shopping trip to Dublin, thereby costing jobs in Waterford, but somehow that’s ok? Get a f**king life Mary!

3) Wondering how we got to the situation whereby nobody has accountability when things are deliberately f**ked up in this country but yet the compensation culture always finds somebody accountable and punishable for trying to help or for doing their job.

4) Thinking that it’s entirely fitting and says a lot about the Irish future when the RTE correspondent on financial matters is called Rob Shortt.

5) Liking that Muse’s new song Uprising is making me think of a crossover between the original Dr. Who theme tune and Blondie’s “Call Me” and that’s exactly why I’ll buy it on iTunes.

6) I know David Byrne from Talking Heads had a solo career but why can’t I think of a single song title?

7) Thinking that evolution of communcations technology is a mostly useless activity that only causes more disruption and wasted finances that it creates benefit. We should be focussed on laying fibre to every door in Ireland and let the bandwidth provide the benefit instead of trying to lay shyte on top of it that nobody really cares about but only uses because the traditional channels are no longer open.

8 ) Wondering how much longer I can stand the constant irritation of reinvention.

9) Wondering how some people live life in a Scott free way, without any recourse for illegal activity and knowing fraud; protected by organisations that never find in favour of complainants nor admit failure despite being 100% wrong.

10) Thinking I’m going to need a bigger hard drive for the movie footage, 1h 20mins of HD is coming in at 40GB and there’s many, many more hours to be captured.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts for the day…”

  1. 🙂 If only there was such a mechanism!

    Mind you, with this HD footage I’m beginning to think that a TB won’t even be enough. A scary prospect! I may have to dedicate a machine to only good takes and archive the rest onto other storage drives. I’m so close to buying a film camera and a guillotine to solve the storage crisis. 😉

  2. Sadly we’ve been advised that HD is the min we can get away with. Might not have been obvious but this is for a personal endeavour rather than a work-related project. Myself and a few others are putting together our first feature-length movie with a view to getting it into a theatrical release for cinema clubs and similar then DVD. We had a word of caution that if it turned out to be something half-decent then we’d best have it in HD to grease the wheels with any other possible airings beyond our initial ambition. I agree that SD would be more than enough for the vast majority but sadly these gold-plated speaker cable enthusiasts out there… 😉

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