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Shock Waves?

We all joked about wireless electricity at one stage or another, usually with non-techies, and we all had a good laugh at the idea of bolts of lightening shooting around and everybody being shocked in the streets. Anyway when the laughter died down, I’m sure that the concept stayed with us all and thinking about it, why couldn’t we have wireless electricity? After all, it doesn’t have to mean that you have wireless mains power, just a means of wirelessly charging a battery like solar, wind or another power generating technology. Well that’s exactly what the folks in MIT have done, with magnetic resonance technology used to provide energy to a consumer e.g. a light bulb, battery pack, etc, with a relatively small drop-off in efficiency. Supposedly the crew has developed the technology to operate at ~90% efficiency of energy transfer within a 3 foot range. Very exciting indeed. So, in the future we’ll have laptops that are resonantly charged from table tops and no need to plug in the laptop anymore. I can see it now, the end of power adapters; instead you’ll have a resonance table that you plug into the mains to charge your laptop. 😉 Read more: BBC

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