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February 2008

links for 2008-02-11

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Exif Jpeg header and thumbnail manipulator program works well with perl scripts (tags: exif data time date photo organise) – Sort digital images by EXIF date. at possibly the greatest perl script that I have found in the last 5 years, not because it’s well-written but because it saved me time and money… Read More »links for 2008-02-11

Review of DLink DNS-323

DLink DNS-323 “Looking for a NAS solution that’s reliable, quiet and offers RAID features at an affordable price? Look no further than the DLink DNS-323!“ Ever since I had a hard drive failure last year that stood to cost me a lot of money in code I had written, I have been on the lookout… Read More »Review of DLink DNS-323


This weekend I decided to settle down to a task that I have been putting off for a long time now. That task was the organisation of my digital photo library, spread across 3 different computers and a network storage drive. Over the years I have used so many different digital cameras, software packages for… Read More »Sorted!

MT4 and Flickr – solved!

For anyone else out there who has been experiencing the same issues as me with automated MovableType 4 entries from the Flickr blog post utility this one is for you. I have to confess that I let this drop but only yesterday decided to try and figure it out again. Here are the steps: Log… Read More »MT4 and Flickr – solved!

Focal Bench

Focal Bench Originally uploaded by jbwan For a long time I always wondered about whether or not I should learn about Photoshop. I could see myself becoming somewhat addicted to it and the myriad of effects that people can create using it. This weekend I finally bit the bullet and downloaded a trial of CS3… Read More »Focal Bench

Vote Dustin

Enough about Bertie and his tax affairs and the seemingly, now, tax auditor, John Gormley. What this country really needs is a turkey at the Eurovision song contest. For the last few years Ireland’s entry to the contest just hasn’t cut it but now we have a real chance to pluck victory and stuff the… Read More »Vote Dustin

Micro-hoo! ?

Microsoft offer to buy Yahoo! for $44.6bn Wow! That would certainly be interesting to the point whereby I’d probably need an MSN id to merge with my unwanted Yahoo! id to access my id that allows me to use my Flickr account. source: Pat Phelan via Twitter to Marketwatch