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Review of My T-Shock

My T-Shock

“it doesn’t tell the time but if it did tell the time then it wouldn’t have been the right time, and the time it told wasn’t what it meant to tell, and for that it was sorry that it told the right time even though it didn’t think that it told time”

 T-Shock Satire Image


In 1997 I was given a present of a T-Shock, at first I was really happy with my T-Shock but as time went on I discovered that it was less and less pleasing. Initially I thought my T-Shock made me look good and that it made the people around me happy but then I discovered that this was down to other external factors such as an economic boom in my country at the same time and nothing to do with my T-Shock. 


However, I said that I’d stick with it and see how it went for a while. Sadly though people started asking me simple things, simple facts like what time and what date and I just couldn’t get a straight answer from my T-Shock. It still looked good and was presentable but it just wasn’t performing its function. I tried contacting customer service twice and I was in a holding queue for 5 years at a time and each time to no resolve, they refused to replace my T-Shock as the problems I was reporting were not caused by the T-Shock itself but something else they couldn’t tell me. Customer service, eh!


10 years on though and I still have my T-Shock and despite not being able to get a straight answer from it and generally being dissatisfied with the acquisition of data from it I have to say one thing. It has a fantastic ability to resist any awkward situation, any pressure no matter how far it is out of the depth that it is rated for. It has never suffered a scratch despite numerous rough encounters. No matter what it gets put through, it still comes out looking shiny and new. However, there’s a twist in the tale: It turns out that the person who bought my T-Shock for me was not the only person who allegedly bought the T-Shock. That makes me angry and I no longer want my T-Shock, it’s by far the most disappointing thing that has ever happened to me.


In summary, I would not recommend anyone to buy a T-Shock. They might look good on the outside and come from a good line of market leaders but ultimately the T-Shock is a constant let down and its scratch resistance is only a gimmick to divert your attention away from the more serious issues of it not doing its job. Very disappointing indeed.

Rated 0/5 on Feb 13 2008
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2 thoughts on “Review of My T-Shock”

  1. That’s the wit-iest (and funniest) post I read for a long time John 🙂
    It should definitely be a newspaper piece for others to enjoy!

  2. Thanks Venet; got the idea into my head and just had to do it. Sadly I ran it past somebody else and they didn’t quite get it because they didn’t know what a g-shock was, so the pun had been lost. 🙁 Anyway, one for the ages. 🙂

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