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January 2008

What is it with garlic?

Okay I’m officially fuming at the moment. I’ve just spent my entire Saturday working on code instead of relaxing and I just ducked out to the supermarket to get something in the range of quick foods. Soup was on my mind so I perused the soup aisle. Hmmm, so many varieties, which one? Harvest vegetables,… Read More »What is it with garlic?

PS3, I Love You

I recently acquired a Sony PS3 (many months after everyone else) and I have to say, impressed? I certainly am. I’ve had a few consoles in recent years, xbox, Wii, DS lite but I have to say that the PS3 is really a nice piece of work. Since they stopped producing the full-featured 60GB model,… Read More »PS3, I Love You

Two Thousand and Ate

Happy New Year one and all! Boy do I feel stuffed after Christmas. Nothing a few weeks running won’t sort out anyway. 😉 As for New Year’s resolutions, none I’m afraid. I’ve decided that this year will be best left unplanned, time for me to let go of control and see what happens. Also thinking… Read More »Two Thousand and Ate