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It would appear that voters are currently undecided on whether or not the Taoiseach should resign after all this recent surface scratching has revealed. 44% think he should go and 46% say he shouldn’t. Hopefully this will clarify it for everyone: Jump Bertie! Jump!! source: Irish Times

2 thoughts on “Undecided?”

  1. What good will it do us if Bertie resigns? Who will replace him and how soon will it happen? And with the economic problems we are having/going-to-have should the leader of a country do it now or wait?

  2. Any country who has a figurehead that is essentially on trial for bribery, perjury, withholding information and deceiving the public needs to act fast so that they don’t become known as a corrupt state. In reality everywhere is corrupt but sadly the world is a shallow place and the perception of dealing with corrupt behaviour is all that matters. In the Irish system the Tainaiste will take over if the Taoiseach is unavailable so that means Brian Cowen (a very intelligent bloke) would step into the position until a new Taoiseach was decided upon. At the moment Bertie’s behaviour and controversy is destroying his own support based on the latest polls, and these are the same supporters who stood with him through thick and thin. One could only imagine the damage it is doing to the country on the outside with people looking in, wondering why Ireland is spending billions of Euro of tax monies trying to get answers from people who won’t talk and then go to the EU asking for more money to build roads, etc. Sooner he steps down the better if you ask me.

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