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PS3, I Love You

I recently acquired a Sony PS3 (many months after everyone else) and I have to say, impressed? I certainly am. I’ve had a few consoles in recent years, xbox, Wii, DS lite but I have to say that the PS3 is really a nice piece of work. Since they stopped producing the full-featured 60GB model, I ended up purchasing the 40GB model without memory card reader and less USB slots. To be honest I don’t think it’s a big deal that Sony dropped these extras. You can still plug your digital camera directly into the unit, you can swap out the 2.5″ harddrive for a new, bigger one in under a minute. The built-in WiFi and online games selection is great for anyone like me who bought the unit without a game. And in terms of home media system this is definitely a great contender for the “one” purchase for all homes, greatly strengthened by the HDMI output and Blueray DVD player as standard. If I had one criticism it would be that the package doesn’t come with a HDMI lead so you have to go and buy one separately but apart from that it’s very nice indeed. Another thing I have spotted but not fully looked into yet is the media server search feature. I had recently set up a DAAP server for my music collection to be shared between my computers easily but the PS3 doesn’t seem to find this as being a media server. This will require further investigation – hopefully it’s not just finding Windows Media Server/Player shared libraries.

2 thoughts on “PS3, I Love You”

  1. I am definitely interested in how it works out as a media center. I have an HD telly now but no easy HD source. Been eyeing up the 40gb PS3 but also wondering if a cheaper and simpler HD-DVD/Blu-Ray player would be as good.

    Though to be honest I’d buy a Wii if it had an HD-DVD/Blu-Ray reader. The latest Super Marios game is fantastic.

  2. Paul, get the PS3 and the Wii (if you absolutely must have Mario – which happens to be the only good game for the Wii)

    In any case, the PS3 may be experiencing another price drop soon, due to Blu-Ray’s victory. Plus you get to play ALL the AAA games on the PS3 that are coming out this year, GT5, LBP, final fantasy 13, etc.

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