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Colin McRae RIP

Scarcely can I believe reading the headlines today that Scottish rally legend Colin McRae was tragically killed in a helicopter accident yesterday, along with his young son and two family friends. Such tragedy casts my mind back to the day when I heard about the death of Joey Dunlop, another daredevil of the racing circuit.… Read More »Colin McRae RIP

Bertie, Docked

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Yesterday, in the most anticipated docking since the astronauts joined the International Space Station, our beloved Taoiseach finally stepped up at the Mahon Tribunal to answer some questions relating to all this payment scandal that we have been hearing about and funding as tax payers. When it was put to Bertie that he may not… Read More »Bertie, Docked

Think your website is big?

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Bet you it’s not this big. A spider web discovered in Texas, USA is suspected to be a collaborative effort of thousands of spiders and stretches over 200 yards. This is the kind of stuff that horror movies are made of… source: Boing Boing

My First MT4 Bug?

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A couple of days ago I got around to setting up MovableType 4 on my blog server. All went well for the upgrade as usual and I was very happy with the new features and the new look and feel of the upgraded platform. However, last evening I think I have stumbled across the first… Read More »My First MT4 Bug?

Red Admiral

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Red Admiral Originally uploaded by jbwan. Sitting down eating dinner in the garden last Saturday, this guy came fluttering by through my shrubs. Hadn’t seen one in a long time up to this.

Dealing with Death

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Via Damien Mulley, an inspired piece of animation from Ignacio Ferraras, humourously dealing with the fight against death. [youtube]

MovableType 4

I’ve been waiting to get around to this for a while and finally took the plunge. MovableType 4, my blogging software’s latest update, is here and it’s very different to 3.x. Different in a very alluring and aesthetically pleasing way. The administration interface has come on in leaps and bounds to look like a very… Read More »MovableType 4

Luciano Pavarotti RIP

In the early hours of this morning, opera legend Luciano Pavarotti lost his battle with cancer and passed away. Pavarotti, who landed in most people’s homes for the first time during the Italia 90 World Cup when he and Josep Carreras and Plácido Domingo formed The Three Tenors to sing the anthem of the World… Read More »Luciano Pavarotti RIP

The Vee

The Vee Originally uploaded by jbwan. I like The Vee, the distinctive meeting place of two hills in West Waterford (well technically it’s in Co. Tipperary but what’s 100m between friendly counties? ;)) Siân and myself took a trip up there recently to see the scenic beauty and swung by Melleray Abbey on the way… Read More »The Vee