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I’m Touched

Just over a week ago I celebrated that annual cusp again, my birthday. Little did I know on that day that the goddess of all that are nerdish gizmo gifts (i.e. Siân) would have pre-ordered an 16GB iPod Touch for me. It arrived yesterday and I have to say that I am simply blown away… Read More »I’m Touched


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…Bo Burnham. I don’t normally see a youtube video and think to myself – yeah, they’ve got talent alright. However, I picked up a link to this guy initially from Damien Mulley’s Fluffy Links and maybe it’s just me but I think the kid has talent. He’s genuinely funny even if one shouldn’t laugh at… Read More »Introducing…

1, 2, 3 – SLUMP!

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It’s official, not that I haven’t known it for some time anyway, but the ESRI have finally sent chills down the spine of every estate agent and recent property investor in Ireland. C’mon lads we’ve been telling you for ages! Yes, houses in Ireland are massively overvalued, yes supply will now ease off to try… Read More »1, 2, 3 – SLUMP!


…somebody wrote the rule book 50 years ago and never bothered releasing a second edition! This morning on the radio I hear that the equality authority, whom I have had the pleasure of dealing with in a professional capacity once upon a time, are putting out to tender, a report to indicate how women are… Read More »Equality…

O’Mulder and O’Scully

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Yes, the truth is still out there; in Ireland! Just read in the Times this morning that a dossier that was kept by the Irish defence forces for 37 years has been released, including details of UFO sightings around the emerald isle. The most comical entry in the dossier must be a sighting reported by… Read More »O’Mulder and O’Scully

Aaargh Mateys

Ya scurvy dawgs! Get thee to the nearest tavern and be loaded to the gunnels with a fathom of ale, less ye be sleeping in Davey Jones’ locker. Yaarrrgh!! Such is my obligation every year, to remind everyone of International Talk Like a Pirate Day – have a good one!

Google Presentations

Google has just added its much awaited Presentations to its current offering of Docs & Spreadsheets. I read this announcement on the Google blog earlier and just gave it a whirl. First impressions, yes, I’m impressed. Obvious omissions are a big selection of templates and slide transitions but additional features such as webcasting your presentation… Read More »Google Presentations