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Nokia getting cranky…

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… or is their latest patent just a wind-up? According to this article in the Reg’s Hardware site, Nokia have lodged a patent for a device that looks somewhat similar to the famed Sidekick communicator that every celebrity under the sun has. However, the laterally sliding screen on this device is slipped into one of… Read More »Nokia getting cranky…

It Looks Different; Again!

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Yes, the layout of the blog has changed again for the second time this year. When I moved server and upgraded to the latest version of MovableType 4 I discovered that there were a few changes in the template structure that would have required a few changes on my behalf. So, I decided to be… Read More »It Looks Different; Again!

Oh Dear God; Yay!

On Sunday evening we went for an early bite to eat in a great little restaurant on Dame St, in Dublin. The food was great, plenty of good carbs, but my nerves were certainly kicking in. I could frequently get lost in the maze of Dublin’s streets but somehow the marathon route was burned into… Read More »Oh Dear God; Yay!

Technology is root of all evil

Tongue in cheek article from The Reg with “backing” from the IMF as to how technology is the cause of all inequality in society and how we must dismantle this war machine if we are ever to restore equitable living and harmony. 😉 source: The Register

links for 2007-10-18

verb2verbe – Learn the French language – French verb conjugation. Tests to learn French verbs.

Nice to know

Nice to know that there would be a demand for this service in Ireland. link: easy DNA

Great xkcd episode

If you’re not a fan already and you enjoy nerd humour then xkcd is the place for you. This particularly funny episode identifies the dangers of naming your children with something that resembles an SQL injection statement. link: xkcd. Cheers Donal!