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May 2007

e-mail Library?

Here’s an interesting idea: A library to contain an archive of e-mails submitted by the public. A means of capturing a snapshot of our lives in this technological era. This could lead to some interesting content accrued over the years being made available as a source of entertainment to the public. I often thought that… Read More »e-mail Library?

Thoughts in my head today

Wondering why the national safety council still refuses to show somebody other than a young male driver in a road accident commercial. It’s a little disproportionate at this stage. Also still concerned as to why adverts are continually sponsored by vested interests such as AXA and Hibernian? Wondering why Noel Brett (Road Safety Authority CEO)… Read More »Thoughts in my head today

LouderVoice Update

For those who read my review of LouderVoice recently: I have updated the review to more accurately reflect the service offering. My initial experience lead me to a lesser understanding of the service and resulted in a rather glib review. I have since received a comment from Conor @ LouderVoice to inform me of the… Read More »LouderVoice Update


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And the biggest backflip the world has seen since Mary Lou Retton won gold at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, Fianna Fail are now going to reform stamp duty when they publish their party manifesto today. I can only imagine that Brian Cowen must feel like somebody has given him a kick in the… Read More »Recoil!

e-Voting Concerns Again

More e-voting concerns – opposite side of the Irish Sea this time. More suspicions of security loopholes and other such but the departments are holding firm that the machines will be okay. When will people learn that the public just won’t trust something they know nothing about and can’t see the workings of. There’s just… Read More »e-Voting Concerns Again

links for 2007-05-01

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Come Clean Very funny site to help you make custom videos as pranks for your friends. Go on, you know you want to do a political version. 🙂 (tags: funny video prank custom joke)

Dell choose Ubuntu

Dell have finally made their decision on Linux and will soon be offering Ubuntu Linux as an option for their machines. Finally after all these years people will have a choice of what they actually want on their PC or Notebook. It will be interesting to see what effect this has on Vista uptake from… Read More »Dell choose Ubuntu

Bullet Dodging

While I collected my thoughts yesterday on the revelations of Sunday (election date for 24th of May, Celia Larkin supposedly receiving GBP 30K from Michael Wall) the rage I already feel for this government has just gotten unbearable. To make matters worse the announcement that the Mahon tribunal would not continue until after the election… Read More »Bullet Dodging