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May 2007

Review of iMac 24″

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I recently purchased a new iMac from Apple computers with a 24″ screen. I hoped it would be good and it is; it’s really good. Review of iMac 24″ Rated as 5/5 on May 16 2007 by Jonathan Brazil Some weeks ago I finally splashed out on a new iMac from Apple. After plenty of… Read More »Review of iMac 24″

Stop the dance!

Caught a wee bit of the Eurovision Song Contest coverage last night. Always provides a laugh or two and kudos to the Israeli entry for showing us that it is possible to get a punky Kaiser Chiefs/Young Ones type entry into the Eurovision rather than the traditional mush. However, one gripe, why oh why has… Read More »Stop the dance!


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Credit to Martin Murphy for finding this one: A hilarious video looking at the “new oPhone”, a competitor to the Apple iPhone. The coding section, outside the box, and they’ve reinvented the wheel in addition to the spiral text message. It has so many funny gags.

Blank Canvassers

I have political fever: We’re in full election mode at the moment and the more I experience of this mobile carnival, the more I have come to the realisation that I need to get involved in the next round of council elections. For years people have been egging me on to consider running, sometimes in… Read More »Blank Canvassers

Doesn’t Technorati Look Different

Hmm, no time to write a full post as I’m off out the door but Technorati looks very different to when I last viewed it on Friday. My blog listing is all organised and such. Doesn’t look that displeasing though.

PDs in Turmoil!

Just watching a political special on RTE at the moment with respect to the demand by Mr McDowell that the Taoiseach should make a full statement regarding his “finances” that have dominated the news recently. The opinions coming from various PD representatives around the country is completely disjointed and shows that the party is simply… Read More »PDs in Turmoil!

Flock Me!

For a long time now I have known of Flock (the multi-platform web browser). For some reason or other I never bothered downloading it for my Mac to try it out and enjoy all the features that it boasts. Silly me! Just been setting up my new iMac and downloaded Flock. It is impressive, especially… Read More »Flock Me!

links for 2007-05-04

Email Britain The British public will get a chance to submit their lives to the first e-mail archive. Submissions are requested to provide examples of people’s lives in this era of technology. Interesting idea and could lead to some interesting content. (tags: email library british archive public)