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An Open Note to the Irish People

Following closely, the election aftermath and it looks like it is a foregone conclusion that Team Bertie will resume in office for the next government. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and mark the fact that the people of Ireland despite wanting so many changes in society have failed to vote for change. This is the first time in a long time that Fianna Fail will return to government at a time when a fall in the economy is likely to happen, and inflation is set to rise steeply – for once it cannot be blamed on an alternative government. Please remember that, whatever happens over the next 5 years that it is entirely the actions of Fianna Fail and you the voter, nobody else is culpable. That is all that I will say.

Moving onto another issue, regular readers of my blog will know that I have never been a fan of Mr. McDowell. I have been very critical of his actions, attitude, general personality and arrogance. In response to this a number of people have responded to me, saying that I should stay quiet, that I should respect him as he was an elected member of government and a political leader, that I was the person with the problem and not him. Well to all those people, I now say that a larger body of people than I have now spoken and that I am not the minority any more. Furthermore I always believed that McDowell, a hugely talented and respected barrister, was only ever an attention seeker rather than a politician: His resignation from politics after failure to retain his seat is simply a resounding reinforcement of this idea. Rather than be a politician and serve the community, trying to make a difference, it would appear that Mr. McDowell only wanted a slice of political life if he was head of the team. Again that is all I will say for now. source: The Irish Times

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2 thoughts on “An Open Note to the Irish People”

  1. Jonathan – the people truly have spoken. In my opinion Fianna Fail and the PD’s have cultivated a society of greed over the last ten years where the maxim of “I’m alright jack” prevails. Once people have money in their pocket, two cars and two holidays they don’t look at the bigger picture and are not particularly concerned about their neighbour who may not be having it so good. Whereas I am bitterly disappointed over the result of this election I believe we must continue to work for a fairer society where people do look at that bigger picture. As for McDowell – good riddance – Seamus

  2. Thanks as always for the comment Seamus. I can’t but agree with your sentiment on the “I’m all right Jack” line of voting. It will be interesting, alebit with some nerves, to watch as the next 5 years unfold. I see a tough battle with inflation and the sustaining jobs market ahead, hopefully I am wrong. Do you think that there’s a chance of Labour teaming up with Fianna Fail to form the next government? Interestingly enough I think that your comment is also the first I have ever had agreeing with my views on Mr McDowell, it’s nice to see that I really am not alone. 🙂

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