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Spring Cleaning

With Spring being in the air and all that I decided to give my blog a bit of a dust and a new set of styles. Gone is the slightly dull, green and olive look that I had and in is a new vibrant and clean style. I’ve also changed a couple of the sidebar features: there’s now a tag cloud showing my most popular tags and a different archive layout ordering by year and then month rather than the unwieldy long list of months I had previously. I’ve also chosen to use a cropped version of one of my photos to decorate the header. Finally, I’ve been playing around with the MTMacro plugin so that I can automatically replace smilie characters with appropriate images instead, just like all those WordPress folk always had (albeit a limited set for my blog). Behind the scenes I’ve rolled in Askimet (linked with my WordPress API key) and another trackback anti-spam plugin to help keep the wolf from the door – only time will tell how that goes.

🙂 😉 🙁 😛 😀 :-O :'(

I’d like to hear comments on the new look if you want to be critical (in a good or a bad way). Also if you notice any problems please let me know. Thanks!

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