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Take my breath away

Last night while driving home I was subjected to my first random breath test. While it was comforting to see Gardaí at midnight on a Saturday, while all hell is probably breaking loose in the city centre, out checking tax and insurance and random breath testing in the suburbs it’s not that nice. Don’t get me wrong now, I’m all for random breath testing, it’s a great idea and if it saves a life or two along the way then it’s worth any effort expended. However, I have a slight doubt about the randomness of my breath test. By the way I should also point out that my last drink previous to the test was over 24 hours ago with dinner that evening, obviously I never had any doubts about passing although I would still have liked to see the reading given the context. Anyway, a stream of four cars were stopped just after a junction so I managed to get a look at them all: One taxi, two female drivers (one small car, one saloon) and me. The taxi was waved on, the first female driver was waved on, the second who actually stalled her car at the checkpoint (no L plates either) was waved on and then there was me, a relatively young male driver. “Excuse me sir, random breath test”. Not so random me thinks…

2 thoughts on “Take my breath away”

  1. Pseudorandom testing.

    Last weekend Jonathan was stopped and breathalised at a Garda checkpoint, part of their random checks. He thought it was a little odd that only he was tested. Considering he’s a young male driver (admittedly, in a flash car) it seemed a bit unfai…

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