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Just recently something has started to play on my mind: The number of recent film productions that are rated PG or 12. It seems like it has been forever since a 15 or 18 rated movie was made. Okay there have been some but not many. There are many reasons, I suppose, as to why this is happening. Perhaps the downturn in cinema audiences due to so many other pastimes, maybe the film studios are trying to gain the biggest possible audiences by including the younger age groups?

Whatever the reason is, the prospects are daunting. It is fair to say that Hollywood and the film world has directed the ambitions, hopes and dreams of so many people throughout the years, that it can be considered a powerful and influential giant. In turn we have seen strong (mild) language, violence (mild peril), and more adult references sneak into 12 and PG-rated movies. Which would have been automatic 15-rated some years ago. Further more, this deluge of diluted movies is manipulating the minds of adults through product placement, family values and strong morals but in a way that is suitable for the 12-year-old mind. Over a period of time it might be fair to suggest that adults will eventually start thinking like kids again in many aspects, life always imitates art.

Kids always believe that they are grown-up, they can handle themselves and that they are never too young for anything. Whether it be violent movies or amusement parks, kids want it all and will take on anything. If movies aimed at kids but with enough mature references continue to be produced then surely this will lead to a shift in adult perspective of what is suitable for kids and what is not. An observable effect in so far that strong language has become common place amongst many family gatherings.

As such the circle is complete, diluted movies with stronger than normal undertones and references, aimed at the next generation of movie producers and censors. An ever-increasing circle of allowable content for the young mind. An ever-increasing exposure to elements more suited to mature audiences. An ever-increasing tolerance of what kids should watch/do. A loss of innocence via the big screen?

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