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Vodafone 3G with Irish Pricing

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When Vodafone announced that they would be launching 3G in Ireland nobody ever even doubted that the cost to the consumer would be large. However, it has now emerged that the Irish customer base will have to pay significantly more than our British counterparts. Que sera, sera at this stage. It’s the same with everything in our wonderful “rip-off” nation. A mate of mine from the UK got a free Nokia 6600 phone when they came onto the market from his network whereas Irish customers are still paying in the region of Eur 200 for this phone. Stop blaming the government for not taking action and just stop paying the damn prices!!! The majority of overcharging businesses in Ireland can’t do business without customers – or is there something about that idea that Irish consumers seem to misunderstand? Put an end to the madness that is not bad governing but rather stupid one-up-man-ship or despondent acceptance that is Irish consumerism!! source: Irish Times

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