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January 2004

1 Billion Questions

Well it’s a Thursday rant having listened to the radio on the way into work this morning. Why is it in this country at the moment that everything seems to cost Eur 1 Billion? Recent events have seen things like the Luas project budget stretch to almost Eur 1bn, the national deficit was almost Eur… Read More »1 Billion Questions

Free on Demand

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Microsoft have just released a free video on demand service for broadband users with Media Player 9. It entitles users to access free content from the Discovery Channel, NBC News and others. Great idea and let’s hope that it stays free so that people can enjoy the experience and not suffer the bills. source: MSN

Better late…

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Just picked this off of Bernie Goldbach’s weblog. It’s a link to an incredible QuickTime VR panorama of New Years Eve in Times Square, NY. It’s a truly magical 360 of the spectacle and really makes you want to be there; there’s just something about the atmosphere. source: Times Square at New Year’s Eve

On the Luas Again

Well the Luas development is sparking yet more controversy with the building of a Eur 30M terminus at Connelly station despite proposed extensions to the Point Depot rendering the terminus defunct. However, if it’s in the budget then it must be spent after all the money would only be written off some other way otherwise… Read More »On the Luas Again

Small Hard Drives – Tosh!

Looks like Toshiba are stepping up the race for really small hard drives in order to increase the stroage capacity of mobile phones. The latest mobiles can store a small amount of information but the question must be asked as to why someone would actually need the capacity of a hard drive on a mobile… Read More »Small Hard Drives – Tosh!

Sick e-mails

Well Happy New Year to all and may it be a god one full of exciting rubbish and career moves for all. After the Christmas madness everyone has given socks to a boss during a Christmas party or other event whilest under the “influence”, only to regret it at a later stage when the e-mail… Read More »Sick e-mails