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On the Luas Again

Well the Luas development is sparking yet more controversy with the building of a Eur 30M terminus at Connelly station despite proposed extensions to the Point Depot rendering the terminus defunct. However, if it’s in the budget then it must be spent after all the money would only be written off some other way otherwise rather than address an issue that warrants a redesign of the plans. Typical!! We need public servants in this country as the sorry state of our government leaves a lot to be desired and the so-called public servants, serve only themselves whilst in office. Those who admit mistakes are often more respected than those who try to live the lie. However, politicians seems to think that living the lie is a better solution rather than admitting weakness and as testament to their strength of resistance they build monuments for the ages to help people remember exactly how pig-headed they were. Well we salute you all… but not for any good reason. source: Irish Times

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