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Well He Did Say He’d Be Back

Well Arnie is in and personnally I think he will do a great job over there in CA. His first press conference went really well and he’s handling the burning issues pretty good. His first major statement is that he won’t raise taxes (clich�?) and he’ll also repeal car tax. It will be interesting to… Read More »Well He Did Say He’d Be Back

Virtual Hurricanes

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Just picked up this snippet on Virtual Hurricanes or rather the new found ability using super computing to simulate extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes. I think that we will start to see a lot more of these chaotic simulation efforts as the research into GRID computing gains more momentum. At the moment such interest… Read More »Virtual Hurricanes

Perpetual Light

Just an observation but in recent times there has been several increases in the cost of ESB supply to residential and industrial clients. However, around the country and currently in Waterford for the last number of weeks, the street lights have been on constantly day and night. It’s not happening right across the city but… Read More »Perpetual Light

Linux is Just Immune?

Rather long posting on how Linux will always have the upper hand when it comes to virus immunity. With the latest bout of worms released to attack Microsoft platforms this article is surfing on the crest of a wave. source: The Register

GPRS Exploit

Well d’uh! It seems as though the operators have finally confessed to a bug in the GPRS system that allows mallicious attackers to discover users IP addresses and send them service content resulting in large bills for no reason. I’m just surprised that it has taken this long to surface. The model is fundamentally flawed… Read More »GPRS Exploit

P2P – To Be or not To Be

In what one can only assume to be a direct reaction to the recent RIAA legal battle with illegal music sharing on the internet, the developers of peer-to-peer software are seeking copyright reform. I cannot really gather what reform they are seeking from this incrediby vague article but please give me a trackback or comment… Read More »P2P – To Be or not To Be

RIAA Gets Paid

Looks like the RIAA have managed to settle out of court with a number of the accused individuals. One has to wonder how much this pay-off has made for the music industry if their actions were initially costing the music industry… source:

e-Paper But Not PDF

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When I was over in London last week I picked up a copy of the New Scientist magazine (always a good read). In there I found an article following up on the latest developments in the world of e-paper. I had heard about this technology some time ago when black and white changeable images were… Read More »e-Paper But Not PDF

Print Off Your New PC

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We’ve all printed off a spec for our new PC purchase at some stage or another but imagine if you could actually print your PC (or at least some part of it). This new technology of 3D printing devices is really starting to raise eyebrows. A story that should be closely watched… source:

Lord Hutton – Job No. 2

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Seems as though there is a Dr. Kelly type dispute starting in the US at the moment. The classified name of some CIA official has been leaked in association with the US lead war on Iraq and now the trouble is brewing. source: