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What ever happened to the W3C?

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Interesting blog entry from Mark Pilgrim about what happened to all those wonderful standards released by the W3C. It seems like a reasonable snapshot of how too many working groups and activities can render a standard unused. Worthwhile reading Semantic obsolescence [dive into mark]

Another blow to music sharing

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Yet another digital indentifier is attempting to stop the online music sharing problems for record companies. CNN have the full story so read on…

Project your thoughts

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The latest add-ons for the mobile computing user. Everyone needs a keyboard for typing any amount of text on a PDA but keyboards are bulky and not that mobile. Could projection keyboards be the answer Mícheál Ó Foghlú’s Weblog

Wireless ISP

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Just read an entry on Mícheál’s weblog about how to set yourself up as a wireless ISP. With my new house looming large on the horizon I think I may even take the plunge by setting it up as a hotspot 🙂

Space Weather

If like me you get bored of national television weather reports and long for something a little more exciting and “extra” special then check out Plenty of information and photos that are kept up to date on a reasonably regular basis. Also tells you when the next comet is going to hit the sun…

A voice for the Opera?

Looks like IBM have teamed up with Opera to bring together their new XHTML and Voice solution. Read more…

Finally it’s here!

At last the country’s biggest network owner rolls out broadband but they’re not actually a Telco? Read on…

Anyone for monopoly?

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Interesting angle from the Washington Post on why PC distributors don’t package linux with their machines, looks like it’s not because it’s too underground anymore.

Idle cures…

Using the Intel(R) Philanthropic Peer-to-Peer Program to help find cures. United Devices have been operating a program to deliver a distributed computing solution to the huge amounts of processing involved in the search for a cure for cancer. The application runs just like a SETI@Home client task and analyses the potential of different compounds against… Read More »Idle cures…