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A Virtual Takeover?

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In the day that we live, our world has gone from global downturn/recession to an up and coming, looking good for the future, marketplace in the space of only a few months. Testament to one of two things in my opinion, 1) the strength of recovery power that now exists between nations who can’t solve the debt of the 3rd world between them or 2) the power of the media who can now spin stories that make us believe anything we would be persuaded to read or listen to.

Anyway technology is still down and that is agreed amongst many out there. As such it is extremely interesting that EMC (a market giant) are making a $635M cash offer for the makers of VM Ware (Virtual Machine software that allows more than one concurrently running operating system on a single machine). Obviously the future of technology is very bleak and EMC just want to speed up their demise. I think not!! source: The Register