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November 2003

Consumer Confidence Up

All roads point the same direction or at least all the signs of a non-existent downturn (put in perspective) seem to indicate the same thing. According to an interview last evening on the Last Word (radio show on Today FM) The latest ESRI poll in collaboration with an Irish financial institute shows that consumer confidence… Read More »Consumer Confidence Up

SuSE, Now That’s Novell

Looks like Novell have invested seriously in their Linux interest by agreeing to acquire SuSE Linux, a world renouned distribution of the opensource platform. Competition for IBM perhaps? source: NOVELL

Bye Bye Spam?

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The EU directive for electronic privacy was passed last Friday and it now looks as though horribly annoying spam will become illegal in all member states. Could this really be the end? source: EU Consilium (PDF download)

Ireland on the Up?

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Well, well. It would appear that in addition to my reports of various international companies gaining substantial growth and surging economic revival in the US that Ireland is also getting in on the act. A recent survey shows that the Irish manufacturing domain is growing sharply again. I guess this forms another link in my… Read More »Ireland on the Up?